Private Mandarin Course

Private 1-on-1 Mandarin Chinese course

We offer private Chinese classes at your convenience – where you want and when you want.

We are flexible and can arrange a study solution to suit your requirements.

Private 1-on-1 Mandarin Chinese Course Description

Private studies can provide the ideal solution for students seeking to focus on special areas of interest or benefit from the exclusive attention of a teacher attuned to your learning style and particular needs. In the past, this option has been popular with students preparing. In the past, this option has been popular with students preparing for HSK exams or seeking to understand business Chinese.

Learning with a daily schedule that prevents participation in group class may also benefit from a private study arrangement. Another advantage is that these lessons can be held at the school or off-campus (home, office, other location).

Designed for those expatriates who live in China and want to use their free time to learn Chinese and understand the Chinese culture. This course as developed as an effective course of study for local expatriates who need to improve their Chinese in a short time and with a convenient schedule and culture environment.

Curriculum Features

Curriculum Features

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Practical content                                                                            Flexible schedule                                                                      Tailor-made Chinese course

Chinese Book and Course's Menu

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Chinese book I for Elementary level                          Chinese book II for Elementary level                           Chinese book III for Elementary level

Menu                                                                                     Menu                                                                                         Menu

Lesson 1 Hello!                                                                     Lesson 1 it's very hot outside today                                    Lesson 1 It’s really difficult to find an apartment

Lesson 2 are you English?                                                   Lesson 2 do you play golf economically?                            Lesson 2 How did you get back?

Lesson 3 do you have any coffee?                                       Lesson 3 would you like a haircut or a perm?                     Lesson 3 My water pipe has broken again

Lesson 4 are you free this evening?                                     Lesson 4 please send me a fax                                          Lesson 4 I want to have a foot massage

Lesson 5 I have to work overtime on Sunday                       Lesson 5 have you ever eaten Sichuan food?                    Lesson 5 You look really beautiful in those clothes

Lesson 6 where is Yu Garden?                                             Lesson 6 how clean it is                                                      Lesson 6 He is in meeting with some clients

Lesson 7 do you like steamed buns?                                   Lesson 7 Where are you going to play?                              Lesson 7 What do you think of Shanghai?

Lesson 8 I want a takeout                                                     Lesson 8 Huaihai Road is too blocked                                Lesson 8 He likes everything

Lesson 9 I caught a cold yesterday                                      Lesson 9 I have to go on Saturday                                      Lesson 9 Bon voyage

Lesson 10 will you wash it for me?                                       Lesson 10 I want to buy a present                                       Lesson10 Everything’s hard in the beginning

Differences from other institutions

Mandarin Morning:Established in 2007,More than 200 Chinese teachers,Serving more than 200 foreign-funded enterprises.

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15 years of teaching experience                                         Chinese Proficiency Test Center                                          Outstanding learning Center 2020    

Level 1 70 lessons contact +86 13918358891
Level 1 to 2 140 Lessons +86 13918358891
Level 1 to 3 210 Lessons +86 13918358891
Level 1 to 4 280 Lessons +86 13918358891
Level 1 to 5 350 Lessons +86 13918358891
Level 1 to 6 420 Lessons +86 13918358891

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